Printing Bonds: The Whimsical Tale of the Printer Dwarf in Wrocław

In the heart of Wrocław, where our company's office is, We invited to stand a little Printer Dwarf. This whimsical character symbolizes the strong bond between our company and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, where a similar dwarf resides.

Wrocław, with its roots reaching back to the 10th century, has a unique tradition of dwarf statues. This tradition began in the 1980s as a form of protest against censorship and authoritarianism. The Printer Dwarf at Theater Square reflects not only our business ties with Heidelberg but also a shared appreciation for art and culture.

NP dwarf in Wroclaw

The dwarf tradition originated with the Orange Alternative, a grassroots movement that embraced the absurd and artistic to counter government propaganda. This tradition lives on in the playful presence of over 800 dwarfs throughout Wrocław, including Ours !

It's a simple yet powerful symbol that speaks volumes about the ability of art to transcend boundaries and connect communities.

Jan Lewandowski

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Mariusz Lewandowski